Our story

Hi there, we're Fiona & Manuel, husband & wife, and co-founders of Hidden Fruits. As a child, Manuel loved foraging & fruit picking in his home town of Bariloche, Argentina, whilst Fiona grew up in Lancashire, with an unrivalled love for chocolate. We met in 2016 when Manuel moved to the UK after training to be a chef & started Hidden Fruits in 2023. We might have outgrown our kitchen at home, but we’re still making everything ourselves. We hope you love them

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Fresh raspberries, from the heart of Britain, are frozen to capture their juiciness and flavour at its peak. These luscious berries are then carefully enrobed in a harmonious blend of white and milk Belgian chocolate, creating a symphony of taste and texture that's simply irresistible.

Conveniently stored in your freezer, Hidden Fruits are always ready to make your moments special.

Discover Locations

Discover locations

Available to order via Gopuff in less than 30 minutes across 15 UK locations. Available in London Delis & soon UK wide.